Yoga class in Carcassonne Limoux Yoga for adults yoga and maternity yoga for children

Yoga classes in Limoux and Carcassonne

The collective, individual, pre and post natal yoga classes are from mid-September to mid-June.

Adapted to all levels, beginners are welcome !

"The breathing excercices are now part of my daily life and I feel much more flexible in my body and… in my head. Thank you Sophie ! "         Réhanne

Yoga class in Carcassonne Limoux Yoga for adults yoga and maternity yoga for children

Collective Class

The yoga classes take place in a friendly atmosphere, in a group of approximately 12 people. The yoga is adapted according to the possibilities of each so that all can have the best benefit of the effects of the practice. 



Individual Class

The individual yoga classes are a good way to deepen and to develop your personal practice. They are also intended for  people who for health reasons cannot attend the collective class.


Yoga & Maternity

It was when I was pregnant with my first child (this goes back to more than 20 years ago !) that I decided to become a yoga teacher for pregnant women. I was feeling wonderful when I was practicing yoga, I was feeling completly connected whith my babies (another one came after !), connected with the universe and also greatly prepared for the birth.  It became obvious to me that these experiences had to be shared.

I did a training specially adapted to pregant women. The sessions are orientated towards the well being of the mother to be and with the help of mouvements, postures, breathing and sounds preparing the birth.

Postnatal Yoga

What could be more natural than to carry on the prenatal yoga sessions  with postnatal yoga with baby! The orientation is on the mother who just gave birth and who needs to take care of herself in a very gentle way. It is also the possibility for the women to be together… and to talk about babies !

Price of the course

One session: 10€* (2 session/week: the 2nd is half price)

Year: 250€*

Individual course: 35€*

Trial course: free


• +10€ registration fees (1/an)

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