Life at the Viveka yoga centre



Settled in "La Haute Vallée de l'Aude" since 2000, we have fallen under the charm of our little area called Marses in Festes et Saint André in the foothills of the Pyrenees, South of France.

It is a very peaceful location where nature is intact. We wanted to preserve this natural area and respect the simplicity and beauty of this place.

It is in this state of mind that we have been happy to welcome, for more than 10 years, people seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in the wilderness. Our yoga centre is a small eco friendly place. The vegetables come from our garden. We buy what we don't produce from our two favourite organic women gardeners and the organic shop as well as various local producers.

During the adults yoga retreats or the family yoga holidays, it is a "big family" that comes together, sharing a life time together. Meals are prepared but everone participate as he/she wishes in the organisation of the daily life, like helping in the kitchen, set the table or cleaning the dishes. It is like at home !

"A complete immersion in nature, two daily yoga classes, the friendliness of each participant and discovering a healthy diet made my stay at the viveka yoga center a real cure of vitality"  Adrien


A typical day at our yoga retreat centre would look like this : 


Waking up and breakfast whenever you like. Everything is at your disposition in the common kitchen for your breakfast.


9.00 - 10.30  tonic yoga session, work on the postures and breathing.


12.30 lunch  


Free time : walking, reading in the hammoc, spending time with the other yogi. Cold and warm drink at disposition.


17.00 – 18h30 yoga session. The afternoon yoga session is centred on postures, relaxation, deepening the breath and an introduction of the philosopy of yoga.


19.30 diner.


During the week  we’ll have a day off and go out, market, lake, picnic,..


At least once in your stay, we’ll go out to a local market and/or lake, depending on the weather. We’ll have the afternoon yoga session earlier so that we can enjoy a good swim and eat a pizza as we watch the sun set by the lake. The pizza are from the nearby restaurant. This meal is at  your own charge.


Thank you to notice that there are no yoga classes on arrival and departure days.

" I've started yoga again in the studio here in Stockholm and I fell that my stay with you has taught me a lot. I think I come back next year ! "         Anna Sofia"