Sophie Geulin

Sophie Geulin Yoga teacher at the viveka yoga centre yoga for adults yoga for children yoga and maternity

Yoga is a heart of living, a path towards harmony of body, mind and spirit. This ancient wisdom leads to a healthier and happier way of life. It’s also a way to develop awareness towards oneself and the others…

I start practicing yoga in 1990. With all these years behind me, I realise how yoga has been a wonderful tool to help me to move on with faith and confidence even in the storm.

The more I practice, the more joy is settling down in me ! 

I did a  yoga teacher training with the Yoga French Institute - -, following the teaching of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar. I also did another training specialised in yoga for pregnant women. I'm still regularly training in yoga and anatomy with various teachers as well as  studying the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

I started teaching yoga in 2005. I propose yoga classes for groups or individuals, for pregnant woman and for children. Every summer I'm happy to propose Family Yoga Holidays and Adults Yoga Retreats