Family Yoga Retreats - Dates Summer 2024

Viveka… yoga and holidays in South of France

Yoga Centre South France


To experiment life events with stability and confidence on the physical, mind and spiritual level.

To live in harmony with oneself and the others.

This is what yoga brings ! 

However,  it is of the responibility of each to set off, to walk on the path of yoga to eliminate impurities, to become aware of our ways of behaving, of our conditionning, to bring space where there are tensions, to release oneself from one’s chain.

It becomes then obvious to settle down on a yoga mat…


Relaxation & nature

In France, there are still some unspoiled and quiet nature place…we are very happy to welcome you in one of them !

The Viveka yoga centre is a eco place, solar energy, dry toilets…but still, there is wifi!


The Viveka Yoga Centre is situated in the heart of nature, in an oak forest in the Aude area, Cathare country in the Languedoc Roussillon, South France.


One of the first impressions when we arrive is the quietness. We are surrounded by the sound of the nature, birds, crickets, cicadas, the wind in the leaves and animals from the neighbor farms (goats, sheep, horses, donkey, chicken,…). Ideal surrounding for our yoga practice and to relax.

We also have a dog and two cats who will be happy to keep you company.


Away from stress and city pollution, we will share a simple life punctuated by the yoga classes in a friendly like minded atmosphere. 

"I wanted to thank you for this real zen break. It was really beneficial for all of us. I’ve talk about it with Caroline and we still feel the effect of your teaching on our practice, specially about the breathing. You’ve inspired me to beleive in my dream to open a yoga and detox centre. I’m sure it’s possible ! "   Rochelle

"This week at your home was really a great moment of our summer, soft and beneficial for Hannah and I and really to redo ! Bravo for what you are doing and the atmosphere that is coming out of your place.              Chantal"