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Yoga and holidays in South France

In France, there are still some unspoiled and quiet nature place…we are very happy to welcome you in one of them !

The Viveka Yoga Centre is situated in the heart of the Aude area, Cathare country in the Languedoc Roussillon, South France.

One of the first impressions when we arrive is the quietness. We are surrounded by the sound of the nature, birds, crickets, cicadas, the wind in the leaves and animals from the neighbor farms (goats, sheep, horses, donkey, chicken,…)

The life at the Viveka Yoga Centre is far away from city life. Your stay here is a complete break, a possibility to reconnect with the nature, a simple life, orientated towards yoga and meeting like-minded people. Being in a warm family like atmosphere.

Centre de Yoga Viveka

Dates Retreats Summer 2016

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Discover the eight limbs of Yoga and their impacts in our daily practice as well as in our daily life.
To understand Ashtanga Yoga helps us to understand ourselves and our relations with our environment.
This teaching comes from the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and is inspired by the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya et de T.K.V. Desikachar
With Sophie Geulin

What to expect in your stay at the Viveka Yoga Centre :

Two daily yoga class of minimum one and a half hour each

Beautiful place, simple but beautiful!

Excellent organic vegetarian food

Ecological and inspiring way of life

Meeting likeminded people

Well being

Relaxing atmosphere

The Viveka Yoga Centre is a place to develop your daily yoga practice, helped by and experience yoga teacher.
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The Family Yoga Holidays are an excellent alternative for your family holidays. If you already practice yoga, it is a brilliant way to spend your holidays with your beloved one and keep practicing.
If you are a beginner, it’s a good time to start, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, also with your beloved one near you.
For more information, please click here : Family Yoga

what people say about us

We enormously appreciated these 10 days of yoga in a magic place and with lovely people, you and your small family, Lea, Antoine … I hope that everybody is well!!

Back at home, I realized that the yoga practice of this summer was very beneficial to me. The work on the breathing made me enormously progress and I am much more aware of my breath since. I find since then that my classes go too fast and that I do not have time to inhale and exhale correctly in the movement!!;-) I also keep with me all the work on the pelvic floor, especially while exhaling. I realize to what extent we worked in depth and I was surprised having developed the muscle a lot this summer while I did not have the impression to make big physical efforts!!

Moreover, I’ve now joined a Ashtanga yoga training course. I have often thought of making this course, but I believe that it is the yoga this summer which made me go for it. I like yoga a lot and I would love to practice all day long!

I thought of you because the anatomy course of my yoga training classes are from Blandine Calais Germain's works!! I look forward to beginning, it's completing perfectly my Gestalt therapist's training.

I really wanted to thank you for this real Zen break. It made us feel so good. We talked again about it with Caroline and we really feel the effect of your teaching on our practice, especially on the breathing level.

You inspired me to continue to believe in my dream to open a yoga and detox centre. I am sure that it is possible!

I am delighted to have known you, Boyan and Joseph.

Keep on repairing the world, as we say in the Judaism.

Even if Madam B. is a good teacher, it is impossible to compare her teaching with your so pleasant way to teach us yoga:)

This week at your home was really a great moment of the summer, soft and beneficial for Hannah and I and really must be re-done! Bravo for what you are doing and the atmosphere which come out of your place.
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